Fall Asleep Faster Kit

The Goodnight Co.  Fall Asleep Faster Kit available at Rose St Trading Co

Fall Asleep Faster Kit

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You’ve made it to bed, check. You’re comfortable, check. The temperature’s good, and nothing is more pressing right now than falling asleep – check, check. So why are you still awake? While difficulty falling asleep feels incredibly isolating, it is also increasingly common. With this in mind, The Goodnight Co. now have an expertly curated pack specifically for your needs. Thank goodness.

The pack contains products to help you fall asleep including our natural Calm Drops formulated to help calm a worried mind and support deep, restful sleep. Our Calm Essential Roll On helps relieve stress and anxiety as you apply to your pulse points, such as your wrists or neck. Finally, our soothing Sleep Mist is included to create the perfect space and calm your body and mind before bed. 

The Goodnight Co. Fall Asleep Faster Kit includes:

Calm Drops

Calm Roll On

Sleep Mist


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