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Does Rose St. have a rewards program? 

Yes! The Rose St. rewards program, Rose St. Rewards, allows you to earn points for every dollar spent, and exchange those points for dollar rewards.

How does the Rose St. rewards program work?

Earn one point for each dollar you spend at Rose St., then exchange those points for rewards, which are dollars off your upcoming purchases. As you spend, you'll be able to increase your benefits and rewards by moving through the Rose St. Rewards tiers starting at Trend Setter, then Style Muse, and finally to Devotee.

What are the benefits of Rose St. rewards program?

Rose St. Rewards allows you to save on upcoming orders by rewarding you with dollars off in exchange for points earned. Every purchase you make puts you one step closer to bigger rewards and discounts.

What are the Rose St rewards tiers?

The Rose St. Rewards tiers are Trend Setter, Style Muse, and Devotee. Spend $1-$1499 to achieve Trend Setter status, $1,500-4,999 to achieve Style Muse status, and $5,000+ to reach Devotee status. Each tier comes with its own benefits, and all include VIP access to sales and promotions which means you are the first to shop before the sale goes public, a discount on every purchase, and special Rose St. Merchandise sent to you!

How do I join the Rose St. rewards program?

Joining Rose St. Rewards is easy! Simply sign up for an account on and automatically start earning points. Just fill out the form on our login page (click the present) then we'll set up your awards account.

How much does the Rose St. rewards program cost?

It is completely free to join Rose St Rewards.

How do I earn?

To earn points with Rose St. Rewards, purchase the pieces you love. That's it! Your points will be added to your account history and will change from “pending” to “approved” 3 days after your purchase date. You can also earn points by following us on social media, referring friends, signing up for email and SMS, and sharing your birthday with us so we can celebrate you every year.

How do I see my points?

You can see your Rose St. Rewards point in your rewards portal (click the present icon). Simply log into your Rose St. account, then select “Rewards.”

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your Rose St. Rewards points, apply your code at checkout. In order to see your points and redeem them on your order, you must be logged into your account.

What happens to my points if I make a return?

If you make a return on an item (or items) purchased with your reward points, the points will be returned to your account in the rewards portal. You can look for your points by scrolling down to “History” in the rewards portal.

Do my points expire?

Yes, your Rose St. Rewards points expire. They are valid for a 12-month period from the time of approval. We will send you an email as the expiration date approaches as a reminder to use them before they're gone.

Can I use this with my other discount code?

No points cannot be combined with other discount codes.