Where All Beauty Lives


33.5cm x 33.5cm 

Original Artwork by Divya Bahukhandi

About Divya...

I am an artist based in the Melbourne.
I like to create artworks that are calming and bring a sense of beauty and joy into living spaces and homes.
My paintings are an exploration of natural organic forms, colours and a visual effect created by layering of paint.
I use brushes and often mixed media techniques on traditional watercolour paper and specially treated canvas to create transparent layers and depth that invite viewers to connect with the work though familiar, recognisable, organic and simplified forms.
My layered artworks are often a reflection of my own internal conversations and layered memories. The lightness created by transparent forms are contrasted by the depths of multiple layers.
My works are inspired by beautiful lush green landscapes, mystery of the misty mountains and untamed wilderness of the unkept garden- often looking for beauty in the weeds and naturally growing foliage. My mind often escapes to the mist covered disappearing highs, lush rolling hills and an imaginary secret garden to find infinite inspiration.
My colour palettes are inspired by the changing hues of the seasons, fond memories of places and the feeling or emotions they transpired. I do like to experiment with my colour palette, using new colour combinations to create unexpected layer interactions and an unfamiliar story.

I find immense joy in following a very intuitive creative process that hopefully translates into an authentic expression in my work.
It gives me great satisfaction so see my artworks in their new homes.


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