"Peony 2" by Sarah McDonald


103cm x 103cm framed in black

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Sarah McDonald worked as an artist and art teacher in Australia and the United Kingdom after completing her B.A. in Art and Design Education. On returning to Australia, she pursued her career as a professional artist. Sarah has had 16 successful solo exhibitions in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and New York as well as many group shows and both corporate and private commissions. McDonald currently paints in her home studio and teaches art at her private art school.

In thick layers of oil paint, built up with brushes and palette knives, McDonald creates richly textured works inspired by the natural and urban environment.

Sarah uses oil paint, thickly applied with palette knives to create her work, layer by layer, reproducing colours, patterns and textures while balancing lines, shapes and composition.

Each painting reflects her ability to capture tim and place, using her exaggerated light and colour  to depict her subject matter. Her tactile and evocative landscapes are responses to her love of hiking.

Sarah exhibits widely throughexperiencing places she might travel to. Sarah’s very popular and well known “Posie” paintings are a more contemporary take on the traditional ‘Still Life”.  In each painting, there is a quality that evokes emotional responses from every viewer as they re-tell their own story, stirred by memories and imagout Australia and her work can be found in commercial and private spaces where the rawness in her paintings forms a dynamic contrast against the apparent simplicity of modern society.

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